Our Mission

Our mission at Paperwork is to help organizations of all sizes — from small local businesses to national government agencies — create more efficient processes for their existing forms.
Many organizations, when they consider digitizing paper and PDF processes, envision a multi-year implementation timeline and complex and expensive software. Not only does this slow down transitions, but it forces organizations to prioritize and transition only the very highest volume processes, leaving many other lower volume processes without innovation.
We believe that that digitizing paper and PDF processes doesn't need to involve throwing away the heart of many those processes — your existing forms. With Paperwork, nearly all the benefits of an advanced digital system can be achieved without changing your form, retraining your staff, or reinventing your workflows. And furthermore, when it's easy to digitize processes, it doesn't just happen for the most important processes — it happens for all of them.

We're Different

We understand that in many fields — government, healthcare, finance, education, and others — compliance standards can be challenging and cloud tools don't always meet requirements.
At Paperwork, our focus has always been to meet compliance standards for all our customers, allowing in-country data residency, advanced accessibility features, and the highest standards in data security and application reliability.

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