Healthcare Use Cases

Modernize form-based processes in all areas of healthcare while retaining your existing forms.
Patient Intake Forms

Transform your patient intake forms into electronic versions without changing the layout of the forms. Collect secure consent with eSignatures and implement required attachments for supporting documents. Receive a single PDF to upload to your EHR when the forms are complete.

Retain form layouts that your providers and staff are accustomed to
Allow patients to complete forms at home at their own pace
Reduce time spent by patients in the waiting room completing forms
Eliminate handwriting readability problems
Multi-Authorizer Insurance Forms

Complicated multi-party authorization insurance processes can be difficult to manage and track, often requiring multiple in-person visits from patients and sending forms to other clinics by mail or courier. With Paperwork, processes like this can be put on auto-pilot.

Allow clinicians to start forms and hand them off to support staff
Allow patients to sign in-office or at home
Send forms to authorizing stakeholders electronically and securely
Complete insurance form processes in hours instead of weeks
Provider Credentialing

Accelerate and simplify the provider credentialing process for new providers. Keep track of the credentialing process in a single digital location.

Send providers one set of paperwork to complete, not folders of PDFs
Automatically flow data between pages so it only has to be entered once
Eliminate handwriting readability problems
Keep tabs on whether providers have started the forms
Hospital & Surgery Intake Forms

Allow patients to complete hospital and surgery intake forms electronically and securely, while maintaining the original form layout.

Use existing forms, keeping their complex layouts and instructions
Eliminate data re-entry and handwriting readability errors
Allow patients to complete forms at home at their own pace
Set fields to be required before submission to prevent missed data

Healthcare Privacy & Compliance

Privacy Legislation Compliant

Paperwork is compliant with personal healthcare data protection legislation in all areas where we have Data Residency Zones.

This includes HIPAA in the USA, PIPEDA and Provincial Legislation in Canada, and GDPR and country-specific laws in the European Union. We work with all of our customers to ensure that their use of Paperwork is secure and compliant with any applicable regulations.

Privacy Settings for Healthcare Use

Paperwork has specific settings that can be enabled to ensure that data is never transmitted by email and to enable specific logging and access control features to comply with health data privacy laws.

Paperwork forms can be protected with a PIN or password when being sent, ensuring that only the intended recipient can access the form and its data.

Data Security

Security Standards

The security and reliability of Paperwork is protected through a variety of industry-standard practices including encryption in-transit and at-rest, automatic failover, geographically distributed network infrastructure, and advanced security and analytical tools.

Learn more about security standards >
Data Residency

All Paperwork users may choose to store their data in one of four zones:

United States
United Kingdom
European Union

Many countries have data residency laws requiring patient data to be stored within their country. Paperwork's Data Residency Zones allow for complete compliance with these laws.

Learn more about Data Residency >


WCAG 2.0 AA Compliance

The end-user experience for clients completing forms is fully accessible, meeting WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

Screen Reader Compatible
Paperwork has been optimized for and tested with screen readers to allow access for those with low or no eyesight.
Keyboard Controllable
The entire form completion process can be completed using only the keyboard, making it accessible for those with low dexterity and those with low or no eyesight.
High Contrast & Adjustable Fonts
Paperwork is compatible with high contrast modes on modern operating systems and allows for font sizes to be adjusted.

eSignature Regulations

Legality and Enforceability of eSignature

eSignature is recognized as being just as legal and enforceable as ink signatures by most countries around the world. Read our eSignature whitepaper to learn the details.

Make Your Forms Smarter


Collect legally binding eSignatures with ease.

Learn more about e-Signature regulations


Require uploads of specific files with form submissions or include optional attachments for supporting information.

Required Fields

Never receive incomplete forms again.  Ensure that all required fields are completed before the form is submitted.

Keep Existing Forms

Import existing PDF forms directly into Paperwork and retain their layout and fields.

Multi-Form Packages

Create packages of individual forms from your library.  Give submitters all the forms they need to complete in one place.

Save & Finish Later

Allow people filling your forms to save their progress and continue later with an emailed link.

Efficient Workflows & Collaboration Tools

Give staff the tools to process submissions more efficiently and make internal communication and approvals simpler.

Manage & Delegate
Tasks and Approvals

Stay organized with tools for tracking completion, delegation, and approval.

Intelligent Routing
of Submissions

Route form submissions to the correct staffperson for processing without any manual intervention.

Improve Remote Team Productivity

Help your remote workforce to be more efficient than ever when working from home.

Keep Detailed Records and Archived Data

Maintain long-term records securely in Paperwork.

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